Island Checkers

© 2013 Alvanno

How to Win

Make the other player unable to move when it's their turn.

The Board

Half the squares are islands, and the others water. It's an advantage to be on an island.


Privileged ★ Pieces

Regular pieces get a star when they reach the other player's side of the board.

A piece loses its star if it gets trapped (stacked) under another piece.

Regular pieces can only move forward, toward the other player's side. Starred ★ pieces can move in any direction.

Moves Allowed

Untrapped pieces can move one square, or make a single jump from land to empty land, over any piece (including your own). Unlike traditional Checkers, jumping does not take pieces.

You can challenge any piece that's next to your square, except from water to land. Stacked pieces cannot be challenged, but can be jumped.


When a piece challenges another, it ends one of 3 ways:

WinChallenger takes Defender
TrapChallenger traps Defender
SwapPieces exchange positions

The outcome depends on what terrain the two pieces are on:

LandWater = Win
LandLand = Trap
WaterWater = Swap
WaterLand = ( Not Allowed )

Where to Play

Island Checkers is a free game. Play it on the web HERE.

Additional Information

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